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What we do

Fort Sask Reno is a renovation company specializing in exterior renovations that transforms homes and buildings, giving them a fresh, new look while enhancing their curb appeal. Through services such as siding replacement, painting, roofing repairs, and window upgrades, we breathe new life into your home.

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We pride ourselves on providing top-tier roofing services designed to protect and enhance your home.

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Exterior Insulation

Exterior insulation improves a home’s energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging and heat loss, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

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We understand that the siding of your home is not just an element in its aesthetic appeal but also gives protection against all the elements.

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Soffit, Fascia & Eavestroughs

Our superb siding services enhance the beauty and durability of your house and improves energy efficiency of your home.

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Windows, Doors & Capping

We provide solutions that enhance your home’s beauty, security, and energy efficiency, for a comfortable place to live.

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Redesign & Rebuild

We offer bespoke solutions that transform spaces into personalized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

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Our Exterior Renovation Services in Fort Saskatchewan

Exterior Reno Roofing

Roofing Services


At Fort Sask Reno, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier roofing services designed to protect and enhance your home. Your roof plays a huge role in the integrity and energy efficiency of your property, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from minor repairs to complete roof replacements. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes only the highest quality materials, so your roof is visually appealing and durable to withstand the elements. We work closely with you to identify the best roofing options to meet your needs and budget.

Exterior Reno Siding

Siding Services


Fort Sask Reno understands the siding of your home is a crucial element in its aesthetic appeal and a key player in its protection against weather. We specialize in high-quality siding services, offering a wide range of materials to enhance the beauty of your home while improving its energy efficiency and durability. Our team works closely with you to choose the best siding option that fits your style, budget, and maintenance preferences. We take pride in our meticulous installation process, ensuring that every detail is addressed for a flawless finish.

Exterior Reno Soffit Fascia Eavestrough

Soffit, Fascia & Eavestrough Services


Fort Sask Reno recognizes the importance of soffit, fascia, and eavestroughs in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your home’s exterior. These components are essential for proper roof ventilation, preventing water damage, ensuring your home has a polished and complete look. Our team offers comprehensive services to repair, replace, and install soffit and fascia, enhancing your home’s ventilation and aesthetic appeal. These services will ensure efficient rainwater diversion, protecting your home’s foundation and landscaping from water damage.

Exterior Reno Windows Doors

Windows, Doors & Capping Services


We specialize in windows, doors, and capping services, because these elements are vital for the security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics of your home. Our high-quality windows and doors will meet your needs and preferences, offering eenergy-efficient models to enhance your home’s insulation, to stylish designs to elevate appearance. Our professional installation, ensures windows and doors fit perfectly, maximizing performance and durability. This protects the from the elements, reducing maintenance and improving the overall look of your home.

Exterior Reno Demo Rebuild

Redesign, Demo & Rebuild Services


At Fort Sask Reno, we take pride in our redesign and rebuilding services, offering bespoke solutions that transform spaces into personalized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your home or simply refresh a single room, our team of experienced designers and builders works closely with you to bring your vision to life. We specialize in reimagining spaces to better suit your lifestyle, incorporating the latest trends and technologies to enhance both the utility and beauty of your home.

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