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Multi-talented highly skilled renovation trades person 5 years minimum experience. Wages $25 – $30+ plus 9.6% holiday pay

Entry level position 1-2 yrs relevant work experience. Wages $17 -$24 plus 9.6% holiday pay.

Must possess a positive can do attitude with a high level of problem solving ability. An emphasis on timely task completion desired. Able to take direction and contribute in a team environment. Able to complete tasks with and without supervision. Strong work ethic required.

Work conditions:

  • at heights (ladders and scaffolding)
  • all weather conditions
  • lifting heavy loads up to 50 lbs
  • average 8 to 9 hrs a day 5 to 6 days per week…up to 12hrs on occasion
  • most work in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta although we do travel approximately a 1 hour radius of Fort Saskatchewan.


Experienced position applicants must have a high level of skill and competence in 2-3 of the following skills…

  • drywall mud and tape
  • tile work
  • finishing and general carpentry
  • painting
  • framing
  • flooring
  • plumbing

Must be flexible and able to install or learn to install siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, windows, doors, insulation and capping.

General requirements..

  • clean job sites
  • use power saws / drills / grinders
  • measure and cut accurately
  • perform all aspects of residential renovations
  • help in all aspects of eavestrough installation
  • carry materials and demolition debris

Must have means of transportation and a class 5 drivers licence. Clean living lifestyle is a must …


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